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Shymske's Auto Service & was founded by Andy Shymske in 1958 and was located on the corner of State Road and Pleasant Valley Road. Andy started his business with vehicle knowledge, honesty, and bringing value to his customers that other service centers could not offer. He was so successful he needed a larger facility and in 1985 moved up state Road to expand his business and bring his 20 year old son Dave into the business. Now Dave is the owner and operator and getting ready to celebrate 25 years of his ownership. Dave has learned the value of every automobile, and learned how the right care and knowledge could extend the life and performance of any car or truck. Although Dave now uses the most advanced techniques and equipment in auto repair, he never forgot the lessons he learned from his father all those years ago. His father would repair and restore cars to operate like new for his friends, family and neighbors; Dave never forgot the gratitude of those customers his father helped. He never forgot the great feeling his father would have when he delivered a repaired vehicle to someone who couldn't afford a new one. Dave is determined to honor his father by continuing his fathers legacy by offering value to the community. He promised himself to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of how large his business grew.

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